• Founded in 2010, Medical system solutions (MSS) has grown by more than 50% each year. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of manufacturers and areas of activity

• MSS is an indenting and trading organization whose aim is to serve and mitigate the needs of Biological researchers and Doctors by providing complete and appropriate solution according to their needs. Our mission is to facilitate our customers by providing all latest and innovative technologies for the betterment of Health Sector.

• We build our reputation on reliability, sound business ethics, and the highest level of performance.

• With the team of doctors , Biochemist and egineers , our mission is to counter the needs by providing maintenance/calibration facilities 24/7.

• Everything we do is focused on achieving the highest quality in meeting the needs of our customers.

• We are loyal and responsible to our employees — the men and women who work with us throughout the country. We believe our people should feel part of a family, enjoying a sense of security in their jobs while developing their skills and contribution to the company

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