Medzer is an ISO-certified manufacturer of medical devices and innovative technologies for critical, diagnostic and primary healthcare located in Calgary, Canada. MEDZER serve a wide array of healthcare providers worldwide to deliver enhanced patient care and improve patient outcomes. MEDZER hold a comprehensive array of healthcare products including critical care equipment, diagnostics, therapeutic medical systems, laboratory instruments and rehabilitation equipment, hospital furniture and medical consumables accredited with standard certifications CE, ISO 9001: 2008 as per safety guidelines.

Zimed Healthcare Ltd is a UK based medical equipment company, manufactures a
wide range of hospital equipment of world-class quality. With diversified range of product categories includes Surgical and ICU equipment’s, Medical imaging and Neonatal intensive care units etc.

Seron Technologies Inc. are a pioneer of electron beam technology in Korea, since they successfully developed and commercialized the very first SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) ever in Korea in 2000. Seron Technologies Inc. is specialized in electron beam and optic designed technology and developed various E-beam equipment.

Labtron Equipment Ltd. is a UK based company providing a comprehensive range of Laboratory Equipment’s served in the field of Life Science, Food, Polymer, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, also in Educational Institutes and Research Laboratories. We at Labtron are committed to providing Safe, Reliable and Supreme quality products, which have been diligently tested and approved by a team of R&D, Quality Control and Quality Assurance expertise, who progressively work to meet the customer’s requirements.

SPECTRON” is a developer and manufacture of XRF spectrometers and analyzers. The instruments and their parts are designed and produced by “SPECTRON” and its suppliers. We deliver industry oriented solutions focusing on our Customer’s needs. Besides the instruments with software for qualitative and quantitative
analysis, we have registered ready solutions for typical applications.

PermeGear, Inc. manufactures Franz Cells, Side-Bi-Side cells, and related equipment for studying membrane transport and drug diffusion through biological and synthetic membranes. Applications include experimentation in the areas of drug discovery, drug transport, drug screening, controlled release, formulation optimization, dermatology, skin toxicology, oral absorption, buccal absorption, percutaneous absorption, equilibrium dialysis, and protein binding.

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